National Typewriter

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February 19, 2023

A return to an old idea

I started a similar blog about 10 years ago — I think I actually did it more than once — but I never really kept up with it and it just sort of drifted off into the abyss.

Maybe that’s what will happen again this time, maybe it won’t. There certainly isn’t as much Bad Robot content on-air right now in comparison to previous times I’ve tried this, so that’s a challenge.

All that aside I’m going to give it a crack, partly because I needed something to tinker on, partly because I want to blog/write more (even though this will probably be mostly link sharing), partly because I love Bad Robot’s work, and partly because I love the “Bad Robot wearing JJ’s glasses” logo I designed.

If you too are a fan of Bad Robot’s work, then you probably already ‘get’ the “National Typewriter” reference, but for the uninitiated, and in classic mystery box style, “The National Typewriter Company” is the signage on Bad Robot’s HQ in Santa Monica.

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